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Breathing Calm Air with Stephanie Matthews

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  • Stephanie talks about the culture at Calm Air. Everyone she works with is passionate about both the airline itself and the communities they get to help through what they do.
  • Breathe Calm Air is an online video contest launched by Calm Air in May of this year. The goal of Breathe Calm Air was to promote mental health and help support and foster creativity among the youth of the Kivalliq Region in Nunavut by having them send in videos showcasing what’s important to them and what helps them breathe in calm air.
  • Stephanie talks about how the winners were picked from the contest and which submissions were her favourites.
  • She also talks about the positive effects and impact Breathe Calm Air has had on the communities in Kivalliq.
  • Stephanie goes over the importance of knowing your customers and making a difference.
Stephanie Matthews

Stephanie Matthews

Director of Marketing at Calm Air

  • Stephanie Matthews is the director of marketing at Calm Air, a full-service airline based in Northern Manitoba and the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut.
  • Calm Air flies to remote communities who have don’t have access to other forms of air travel so that members of the community can see their families and reach medical appointments. In this way, they are a lifeline and a vital service to many members of the community.
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