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AB Alhallak – Building a Successful Life Against all Odds

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In This Episode

  • Hemmings House intern, AB Alhallak, tells of his rough childhood and of escaping Syria.
  • AB tells of his struggle to graduate high school and to build a life for himself coming from Syria.
  • AB speaks of the struggles of coming to a new country.
  • He speaks on different programs such as YMCA and CO-OP that have helped him, his passions, and his family begin to prosper in Saint John.
  • AB’s video he produced about CO-OP – 
AB Alhallak

AB Alhallak

Grade 12 graduate and HemmingsHouse intern

  • AB is a Syrian immigrant who came to Canada to finish his high school education and to further his desired career path.
  • AB is interning at Hemmings House to help further his passion for film and to further his career of being an entrepreneur and creating his own business.
  • After overcoming hardship early in his life AB’s philosophy is based around resilience and not making excuses for himself.
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