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Francis McGuire and Being Un-Retired

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In This Episode

  • Francis talks about curiosity, the fear of boredom, and the connection between career and sense of belonging.
  • Don and Francis critique the expectation of seniors to retire at a certain age.
  • Don explains why he considers himself to be an intern.
  • Francis talks about the need to modify your lifestyle as you age.
  • The two talk about the networking capabilities of older workers vs. millennials.
Frances McGuire

Frances McGuire

President, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

  • Francis was the former President and CEO of Major Drilling Group International Inc. until he retired in 2015.
  • He re-entered the workforce in 2017 when he assumed the position of President of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).
  • Francis was the Chair of the Wallace McCain Institute for Business Leadership at UNB, and is a member of the New Brunswick Business Council.
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