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Karen Lake – Healing From Burnout and Resparking Passions

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  • Karen Lake talks personal burnout towards the end of her nursing career and describes her moving on.
  • She talks on the passion and confidence she has for her current  job as a care navigator.
  • She talks resentment in caregivers and humans. Explaining how to deal with that strong emotion when it rears its head round the corner.
  • Karen explains the objective and empathetic role in coaching families who are dealing with illness or ailments.
  • She speaks on her ‘Peace of Mind program’.
Karen Lake

Karen Lake

Senior Care Specialist and Lead Care Navigator for 'Health @ Home'

  • Karen Lake has been a practicing nurse for 27 years.
  • She realized that there needs to be professional guidance to navigate health care at home in the family.
  • Because of this she decided to start her own company ‘HealthatHome’ where she helps people with their care planning.
  • Karen regularly volunteers at St. Dustins Catholic Church and is a also a board member of the ‘Fredricton Boys and Girls Club’
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