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Lorne Brett – Rebuilding your Life’s Purpose

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In This Episode

  • Lorne Brett talks feeling irrelevant in his career and his transition to retirement.
  • He describes what Shaping Purpose, his company, is as well as who, how and why it helps people build trust, confidence and happiness.
  • Lorne discusses what it might mean to be happy.
  • He describes different transitions in life where you may have to discover your purpose again.
Lorne Brett

Lorne Brett

Co-Founder of 'Shaping Purpose'

  • Lorne Brett has spent close to forty years buying and mentoring car dealerships across Eastern Canada.
  • This path led him to found ‘DealerMine’, a customer relationship program for car dealerships.
  • After retiring he started ‘Shaping Purpose’ where he helps others find their purpose in their life.
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